Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 29 Update

Wow!   Where to begin.  It has been a whirlwind week and really, I need about 2 more days - which I will not get.  We will get there eventually though.

First, We went to help clean out my grandmother's house, but could not help much.  My cousin who is the executor and was willed MOST of the items in her house, could not let go of anything.  Hubs and I just threw away the trash mostly.  We did get 5 boxes of things for ourselves.  I took almost all of her pots and pans - copper bottom steel from the 50s, all her cast iron, and her 60s yellow bundt pan.  Gadgets and just things we could use - like furniture pads, placemats, etc.  My dad got the furniture, but every time I wanted a piece, my step-mother would say she wanted it - I mean this happened 5 times - items she did not even think about until I said something.  Dad even got mad at her once, but I gave in.  I took one stuffed chair and ottoman - it is a gorgeous bird and foliage fabric - definitely a statement piece, but so my grandparents' style.  It is not the typical grandmother stuff - when we move in I will take a picture of it - it is wrapped in plastic right now.  I also took a marble top plant stand. 

We got back late Wednesday night and could not help but stop by the house.  We were disappointed to see that really no more work had been done other than the ceiling of the patio and brick - nothing had been done inside!

Basically, we are waiting on supplies to be delivered.

Yesterday, we moved into our rental.  OMG!  It is gorgeous! Brand new and other than a few tweaks, it will work out great.  The space for me to work in will work fine, I have not made a decision about the embroidery machine.  It is huge - a 10-needle commercial machine and although there a good amount of space here, it is not a great layout.  We are going to bring our dressers here - there are NONE - and our TV.  Other than that, we are still living just on what we had at the RV.   It feels so good to be in a house, I am moving more, smiling more, have a better outlook - it is wonderful.

OK, here we go - updates.

1. Land Home - Brick is going in and is GORGEOUS!!!  Builder told us the masons would be done with all the stone and brick in about 2 weeks.  I am not holding my breath, but I do think 2-3 weeks is doable. (I cannot help but think about that movie The Money Pit when my builder says 2 weeks)

The patio ceiling is almost done - there is a small section left (waiting on supplies), then we have to put in a finishing strip - not a quarterround, but a 1 x 2 whatever they call it. 

The supplies to finish the trim and shelving is supposed to be there today so they can start working - when it gets in, they will take about 3 days to finish, then the painters can move it!

The saltillo tiles are expected to arrive on Tuesday and the tiler will come in.  All he does is install saltillo tile and works slow.  He sounds perfect!  This type of tile is about 1" thick, but varies slightly in thickness.  These are hand made and baked in the sun, so they are imperfect - which is what makes them perfect!  So, the tiler cannot lay them like normal tile - more grout is needed and spacers do not work at all - it is all chalk lines and eyeballing.    The finished product is gorgeous though - I mean really stunning.

OH, I almost forgot!  Our stained glass is done and they are shipping it today!!  This is for our "front door", the one that opens to the patio, but looks like a front door.

We went yesterday and looked at outdoor kitchen/grills and made a decision on them!  We spoke with the builder and are going to purchase them today.

In addition to that, we need to buy the fire escape ladder, copper sink, and really all the lighting.  That should pretty much wrap us up.

I need to set an appointment with the permaculture guy to get our design done and land grades figured out.

The business ensues!

RV Living - OK, this will be the last post of this one.  We started moving out yesterday and have a little more to go - all the homeschool items mainly.  Then we need to clean it really well and close it up.  We are leaving it at the park until the end of the month because it is pre-paid and we cannot get that money back, plus we are waiting for some supplies to be moved.  Then we are moving it to our land. 

Homeschool - We decided this next week is not a good one to start, we are still trying to get settled here and have LOTS of appointments, plus DD's 1st audition.  We will use this week to organize the books, set the schedule and get ready for starting the 28th - when all schools around here start.

Business - 4 quilt orders are coming in this week, so I need to get ready for them.  I will do that Monday.  I did get shirts of my grandmothers to make my cousin a quilt, so I need to get started on that as well.  That is a joy though.

So, there you have it - so many more little things that go into life happened, cancelling the internet at the RV, getting the cable working here, meeting with the builder, getting gas, grocery shopping, mailing a card, etc, etc, etc.

I hope you all had a great week, I am off running now again - hopefully I can catch up on blog reading soon!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Finishes going in!

The ceiling of the patio is actually the same color in both pictures, it was just the angle and light that makes it look different.

The brick is amazing!  So much better than we imagined.

Sorry so quick, hubs is off this week and we are running like crazy.

Hope you all are having a good week.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Week 28 Update

The week started off awful, ended much better.  I still am just ready for this whole process to be done and us to start living our regular lives.  Such and adventure though.

Land and Home - I know this is an ever changing category - pretty much how I perceive it.  There are multiple area of attention so even as I talk about it to my family, the name changes.

With the house, we are to the point where all the internal doors (except one*) are going in, as are all the baseboards, casings, and other such trim work.  Masons will keep working on the outside - they are extremely slow with the stone work, but I guess you would want them to be!  I am really excited to see some brick work!  Those guys fly through that and it will really make the house look like it is coming together.

Really the good part about this week is we have finished the prep work and are starting on the finishes.  We get paint next week!

The shed is finally underway!  The concrete pad is done!  Now they can get the steel work done.  I was told that when the crew comes out there to start the welding (it is all steel construction) that it only takes a couple of days.  They pre-make pieces of it, then a crane puts it in place, while welders do their job.  Then the outside sheeting goes on, as does the insulation, put in the roll garage door and we are in business.  Just got word it will be done the first week of September!

The other part is the actual land, but there is nothing we can do about it right now.  The big trucks are coming in leave large ruts and there is so much digging to bury lines - plumbing, electric, water, sewage.  It is a mess and then when it rains, there is mud everywhere!  I told my DH that I just cannot wait until I am not slogging through mud and dirt all the time.

RV Living:  Well, if you did not catch it - this category will cease to exist in 1 week time.  We are giving up on RV living.  Lots of reason - I mean LOTS of reason, but mainly, we just hit a wall and are done.  We move into the VRBO rental next week.

Homeschool:  I am really wanting to start prepping, but so many things are keeping me from it.  Between cleaning out my grandmother's home to moving to overseeing things at the property - it is a more than full time.  When I had my mini breakdown earlier this week and stop doing anything for one day, DH tearfully said to me - "You are amazing, I don't know how you handle it all in one day, I was about to have a breakdown myself!"  Yep, I juggle quite a bit (nothing like Kim though).

We are going to get started probably the 23rd or 24th - at a modified pace - math and language arts.  Then add everything in after Labor Day.

My DD is going to be auditioning for a musical in a couple of weeks.  We are all amazed at her transformation in just 2 weeks of theater - she speaks louder, is more animated - it is like she found her voice.  Brought tears to my eyes.

Business:  Yes, this is going again.  I have 4 quilts that are actually on order and another one possibly.  I am hesitant to completely put it out there until we move into our home, but I do need something to do.

Oh, and I scored on supplies!  I bought 149 yards of interfacing and 3 queen size batting bags for $104!  The original price was $310.  I never buy this stuff for full price, but this is an amazing deal!  I can probably get 6-7 quilts done with that amount of interfacing and 3-4 quilts out of the batting.

* I forgot to add why that door is not being installed like the others.  We had to put in a glass door to the laundry room because it opens out to the hallway.  There is a door coming into the laundry room from outside, so someone coming into the house can see if someone is walking down the hall and someone walking down the hall can see if someone is coming in.  Nothing with glass is being put in until the very end.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Birthday and Stuff

Yes, today is my Birthday.  I am perpetually 29 according to my husband, but I don't mind getting older - I earned the right to get older!  I am 44 today - still young enough to accomplish much, old enough to take naps (according to my kids - they send me away for nap time) and I am looking forward to when it is just hubs and me for a while.

I am not into birthdays as a celebration really - no one in my family usually acknowledges it, so I just stopped caring about it a long time ago.  It was my luck of the draw with a family that is just sort of not with it.

With that, nothing special is planned - too much going on in everyone else's lives to worry about mine!

We FINALLY got the concrete poured for the shed this morning!  It was an amazing site to see.  Since the pad had been sitting there for so long - over 2 months, some of the dirt washed out.  The concrete guys just "packed" some more in.  Good grief.  I will have to talk to my builder about what he can do to reinforce it.

For an even better morning surprise, the sheetrock guys textured yesterday!  This was supposed to happen earlier this week, but they surprised us all by showing up last evening.  No one knew, it is was a total surprise to all of us.  No worries - those beams are wrapped in plastic.

Then, I walk outside checking things out and happen to look up - WOW!  The Chimney is being stoned!  They will get done this today!  Moving on.

That is pretty much it for this week by way of work.  Some deliveries will come in.  I am sure the masons will keep on going, but nothing like today.

Other than that, I am picking up some food for the cast this evening.  There were no drinks or food and they had 2 shows and had been there since 10 am.  They were all very thirsty and hungry. I am just doing some snacky things - cheese and crackers, veggies, grapes and a cooler of bottle iced  water - those stage lights are HOT!

Both DS and I are going to the 5 pm show.  Then all the kiddos are meeting up for the 7:30 show and then going to dinner.

It is a cute play - a condensed and modernized version of Shakespeare, but with Shakespeares words.  For a week's worth of practice, these kids are amazing!

Well, that it is for me today - I need to clean the kitchenette and start getting ready to pack up the kids and ourselves for the big move!  There are no regrets with this moving to a rental.  My outlook is so much better, the kids are laughing again, we were in a really low place.  Really low place.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New Day

Lots of talking between my DH and the builder last night and the builder admitted to dropping the ball on some things.  That made me feel better - for him to admit it.

So here is the deal - still not great, but it will be a bit better.

1) The Master Bath - we are going to push back the shower pony wall by about 5 inches.  That will make the walkway approx. 43.5" to walk between the shower and vanity.  Still tight, but much more doable than the 38".  Sometimes a few inches makes all the difference.

Oh and for completely redoing it, it would consist of taking the roof off and pouring more foundation, reworking the plumbing, etc so close to $50,000 just to open up the bathroom.  We will work with what we've got!

2) The Kitchen Island - We had to compromise because of our sink.  I am only getting a 33" inch, but a sink of that size has to go in a 36" cabinet or 34", but this manufacturer does not make it in that size.  So, we have the dishwasher - which is a set in stone size, the sink cabinet - 36" and a trash drawer - 21".  We gained about 5" inches of walk space and that will have to do.

We told him that he really needs to pay attention to those narrow areas and make sure people understand what they are getting into.  He agreed.

Moving on.  The electric company put in the pole, now we just need to get the underground wiring done and we can install a meter.  Other than that, the rain has caused a delay.  Lots of things should be done while we are gone.

My daughter's shows start tonight!  DS and I are going to the first one, then DH and some friends of ours are going to the second.   Tomorrow, I will go to both sets and the whole family is attending the last one!  2 family events this month after all.

It is run, run, run today.  I am so tired that I feel like I could pass out right now.

No rest for the weary - at least until Sunday.

I am off - have to dinner in the crock pot - potatoes, sausage and green beans (by request from Miss Actress).  Fold clothes, shower, and clean up a bit. 

Keeping it real!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Today is not better

I did get a little sleep - about 4 hours.  It helped, just luck is not on my side right now.

Let me explain why I am upset about the house.

1) Kitchen - I have to have the island - the design of the house was built around and the plumbing for the sink and dishwasher is in the foundation.  For me to move it would mean A TON of money.

The cabinet maker is going to make it about 6 inches thinner, which will work, but I will have a smaller than usual sink.  The problem was the space walking between the pantry and the side of this island - very tight space.  It is just not what I wanted.

2) The Master Bathroom - It is a very thin bathroom.  If someone is standing at the sink, another person cannot walk by without the person at the sink scrunching up.  How often will that happen - a lot - to get to the toilet or the closet you have to walk by the sinks.  There is nothing that can be done about it and I am very upset about it.

OK, why this bothers me so badly is that neither the architect nor the builder said anything to me about these spaces.  They acted like it was a normal thing and those sizes were everywhere.  DH and I tried to measure it out, but until you actually see it - it is so abstract that you cannot tell.  Out of the two - I am most upset about the bathroom.

Now, I do lay some of the blame on the architect and builder, but mostly on me.  I have screwed up our house.   I signed off on these blue prints.  Everytime I think about it I cry.  I cannot even make decisions anymore because I feel like I am going to screw something else up. 

DH is going to meet with the builder tonight about the closet.  I cannot meet with him right now.  The builder is not answering my texts or email, but he is answering DH's.  That infuriates me even more.

At this point, there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of it and a normal person would let it go, but I cannot seem to do it.  Maybe when it is all done I can.

Everything seems to have that luster of sucking right now.

The concrete cannot be laid because we are having a week of flood producing rain.  Seriously - the week finally came that they were going work on the shed and we get this.

I went to the bank to get our monthly cash and make a deposit.  System is down - they cannot make any transactions.

Go to the library.  No parking whatsoever and I did not have my library card with me.  Sigh.

DH and I finally get a week together to spend time with each other (ie not doing so great right now), but we have to go clean out my grandmother's house.  Then move as soon as we get back for one day, then go pick up the kids.  Keep in mind - my grandmother lived 8 hours from me.  The sister is 5 hours from me in the opposite direction of my grandmother.

Homeschool starts that next week and no we cannot put it off any more.  Some of the extra-curriculars are starting their sessions, so we have to get organized.

I am just trying to breathe and work it all one day at a time.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Overwhelmed again

I feel like the world just keeps crashing on me over and over and over again.  I think my nerves are so frayed that every little thing is just like Mt. Everest!

Today, Rain - so no work on the house.  No concrete.

Times for DD camp changed so I had to cancel an appointment I really need and now it looks like I will not be able to reschedule for 2 or more weeks.

I have to go clean out my grandmother's house next week.

I also have to move next week.

I am not liking how small our master bathroom is or how small the island has to be in the kitchen - basically walk spaces are too narrow - which bothers me greatly because now we cannot do anything about it and I wish our builder, the architect - someone would have explained this to me.  Size is so abstract when it is 2D.

Our awning on the RV is going.

My back is out (appointment I needed) and it is not getting better, worse.  My leg is going numb again.  If I start falling, that means I will be back in a wheelchair - this sucks.

I am getting heart palpitations daily.

The builder is getting on my very nerve - absent mostly, condescending - but that is probably my perception through my negative filter. 

This show is overwhelming the hell out of me. 

I just want all of this to be over so I can have a home and normalcy again.  Though the building has been going on for 4 months, we have been going full throttle since January.  I am tired - I cannot sleep - not in 2 days.  I try, but it is not happening.

I am looking forward to being in a house, but since I now have to clean out my grandmother's place - it is delayed about a week. 

My outlook will be better if I can get some sleep - let's all hope it comes tonight.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

I am so excited!

I was going to wait to say anything, but I cannot tell anyone yet and I have to tell someone.

We decided today that we are definitely moving out of this RV.  10 days left!  We rented a townhome on VRBO and because of an unexpected bonus, we decided to move out of the RV for our last couple of months so we can get our lives back. 

With this, I will be able to partially get my business working again - Tshirt Quilts only - which is what my waiting list consists of.  There is no room for my embroidery machine, however.  We also will be able to buy a weeks worth of groceries at a time being able to take advantage of sales.  The kids will start homeschooling immediately as well.

We will have a master bedroom with our own bathroom and each child will have their own room.  They have to share a shower, but with 2 1/2 baths, we can dedicate one toilet to each child. 

The feeling was that the quality of life would improve so dramatically that it is worth the extra cost.  The RV will be moved to our property and as soon as the barn/shed is built, our off-site storage rooms will be vacated.

A library is right across the street from us and I mean literally across the street.  The townhome is 2,200 sq ft, so lots of space. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am.  I will never regret our time in this RV, it certainly served its purpose, it is just time to get our lives back, our privacy back, our intimacy back.

For those considering living in a RV while building - I HIGHLY recommend it.  For us, it would have been completely worth it IF we did not have teenagers.  If it were just my husband and I, we would be fine.

We are waiting to tell the kids until they come back from my sister's.  We are moving while they are gone.  It will be an amazing surprise.  Obviously, it will be best when we are in our home, but this will help me when the build goes over time or if anything comes up.  It is just easier to swallow when you have a door and a private bathroom.

As for the RV, we are asked all the time if we are getting rid of it.  Emphatically NO!!!  We are actually taking it when we take our son back to college.  Road Trip!  It is way more comfortable than a hotel.

Other than that, we are stuck at home mainly because DD will have theater practice every weekend until the holidays.  We are also considering a trip to DC, but I don't know if will be in the RV or not.

Hope you are having a great weekend - mine just got great!

Week 27 Update

This week was a tough one.  Frustrations, Boredom, Complacency, Laziness, Over-bearing, Blah, Blah, Blah.

Things are starting to get to me - well, let's face it - they have from the beginning, but I have been good at keeping them in check.  I literally broke this week - literally.

New Home:  I am not sure how much happened this week.  Nothing major really.  The drywall was floated and taped, then mudded.  I need to take pictures, but I have not been up to it.  Maybe tomorrow - it is so rainy and hot that it makes it difficult and draining.

The mason was supposed to start, but only has only minimally prepped.  The electric pole was supposed to go in, it did not.  The cabinets were discussed, but the plan was not complete, so no decision there. 

Between my builder's lack of attention to our place, the trash thrown in the wall and the constant rain - I am down about it all.  It will get done, I know, but it seems very difficult with me having to push and push to make anything happen.  I feel sometimes like I should have been the head contractor, but I know that our builder does help and so many things like inspections are done without my knowledge. 

RV Living:  Sorry - more complaints here.  I am so done with living in this RV.  We have been here for 4 months and I am done.  Our kids are done.  My DH is done.  We are done.  I have not talked to DH yet, but I am seriously thinking about getting a VRBO place or something.  I am that kind of done.

I miss a good shower, a place to chop vegetables, a bed to stretch out in, not worrying about sewage, a place for the kids to get separation, a place to work, a place to breath.

I don't know if it will happen, but we WILL have a conversation about it.

Homeschool:  I am starting to think about it more.  They have papers due in a couple of weeks about the eclipse.  We are going to stream it through Lowell Observatory (in Flagstaff, AZ - we love this place!) in the morning, then we have our glasses for when it passes over us.  They will present their reports in the evening to Dad and me.

DD is Lady Montague in Romeo and Juliet - a loose, condensed version.  Lady Montague is an amalgam of Lord Montague and Lady Montague set in a modern time, but done in old english.  Should be interesting - the play is this next week. We are also starting to prep for her Little Women Audition.

Business: You would think there is nothing going on, but I am getting calls almost daily!  I need to start working!  It is all I am thinking about.  An order for 9 quilts, another 3 quilt order - all willing to wait for me.  I am up to about 30 quilts now.  Last year I made 56 quilts - holy crap - I almost have a year's worth of work waiting for me!

Next week is slated to be very similar as this one.  Hopefully I will have more to say about the house build though in a more positive light!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Decisions being made for me

DD is doing so fabulous in her class!  She is liking more and more each day and although her teacher is a pain, DD is getting used to her style.

So, we are going to do theater in the fall!  Yesterday, DD was called aside and told that she has talent and needs to do a full semester production.  No other kids were told that (that she knows of), so Little Women here we come!  Its a musical - Lord help me.

But what this means, is the Teen-led newspaper/newsletter is out.  There is no way I can run all around with the theater stuff and homeschool, run a business and lead a newspaper - this was going to be for her to write, but the theater is going to take up too much of her spare time.  Not to mention the school load she will have, and getting her learner's permit to drive in a few months.

Check, check!

It is raining again today, so not much work is getting on the house.  They were going to start the brick, but I doubt that will happen today.

Last night when we took everyone (family dinner - check) up to see since they had not seen the sheetrock, I noticed that the workers had been throwing trash in my walls!  I BLEW A GASKET!  We made it through the concrete pour, the framing, utility work and initial drywall with NOT a bit of trash in the walls.  So, now that walls are up and they are taping, they decide to throw trash in the access panels.  You have got to be kidding me.

With that, I am off - have to check on them and make sure there is no retaliation!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Do You Believe in Miracles?

There are certain times that I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in miracles!

Take this morning for instance.  Crap morning - I am in mega pain from helping move the furniture, then lug an air conditioner around plus the usual visit from Aunt Flo.  Had to get up early to take DD to theater camp when a text comes in (before coffee!).  When can I meet the builder up there to make a decision on the wall air conditioner?  I gave a morning time.  That was no good.  How about 4? Nope, picking up DD AND late is out because we are doing the family dinner.


Builder decides I can just meet with his assistant that doesn't speak a lot of English and honestly, this is my husband's baby - I don't know where he want the condenser to go! I know this sounds a little childish, but I am making so many decisions and have to research so much - this is his one thing.  DH is fine with making the decision, but it had to be made today while he is a meeting and cannot drive 1 hour to say, "put it here."

Also, while I am trying to sign and speak in broken Spanish, I get a phone call.

Let the LIGHT shine on!

It was the Shed Place - they want to pour the concrete on Monday!  "I believe in miracles.  Where you from - you sexy thing, you sexy thing you."  I could not believe and I am sure the sound of shock was apparent in my voice.  The guy is actually going tomorrow to look at it and as long as the weather is clear (which it is kind of rainy right now), then they can pour on Monday.  Even if the weather puts us back, we are 1st in line now!  WOOHOO!

I may have a shed by the end of August after all.

Which means a whole lot of things - we are partially considering moving to the property at that point - long shot, but it is there.  We definitely will have a workshop going and a place to sit and be should I need to spend a long time there waiting for deliveries and such.

Ah, yes, there are so many possibilities.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Patio View - video

This is a view from my patio.  I stood in one spot and just did a quick span.  It is a rainy, very hot day - feels like a rain forest!

I love the sounds though.  It is a great napping spot.


New Day - August Goals?

OK, I think the nervous stomach was not being able to get that room ready for us.  It was a huge blow.  I was going to move just my regular sewing machine up there and sew us some bags and things like that while the kids worked on their homeschool.

BUT, that is not the case now, so we have to plan for something else.

August Goals:

New House Related

1. Reschedule all deliveries for mid-September - appliances, furniture, hot tub, etc
2. Clean up the house area every weekend
3. Refinish front door
4. Start work on rolltop desk?
5. Order kitchen sink
6. Order all lighting
7.  Finalized/order outside kitchen items - sink, fridge, storage cabinet, grill
8.  Purchase rain catcher basin
9. Follow up and push Shed production!
10.  Make appointment with Permaculture Consultant

Kids Related

1. Family Dinner with all 6 of us!
2. Get list of needed supplies from college boy and shop!
3. Pay tuition for college after scholarship are logged
4. Sell ticket for play DD will be in
5. Take DS to at least one social event
6. Get overall homeschool plan set
7.  Plan first month in written format of homeschool
8. Decide for sure if teen led newsletter/newspaper is going to happen.
9. Work together to develop a plan for physical excercise
10. Book hotel for taking college boy back to school

Me Related

1. Utilize planner daily - specifically with goals, not just check lists
2. Eat lunch daily - I have a habit of not eating until I am ravenous around 3 pm.
3. Consciously drink more water - at least refill my Yeti 4 times.
4. Back stretching daily - this is a MUST - my back has gotten bad and stretching is a paramount!
5. Set a time to start getting up daily in preparations for the school year.
6. Get a massage
7. Make daily cleaning checklist
8. Create year long menu - yes, this is something I really want to do!
9. Create and send out We've Moved cards
10. Gratitude Journal.  I need to spend a little time thinking about the good - I would like to purchase one I can fill in rather than brainstorming.  This should be a nightly thing.

OK, I am off to be a taxi driver!  You all have a great day!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Strange Feeling today

Day 2 of my daughter's camp and I don't like her teacher.  Figures - with me being her end all be all teacher.  It is hard to stand back and watch her deal with it.  Theater people are usually very drama oriented and with my science background, I just don't understand it.  This teacher is frustrated with her because my DD has no theater background and it slowing everyone down.  Well, if this was for experienced actors only, we would not have registered for it.

I digress - she is still wanting to do it, so it is her call until there is actual abuse. Good Lord, I cannot wait until all this is not under my control anymore.  I raised my kiddos independent, so the older ones only come to me when it is really bad or after they have done something about it.  They are very adult and it is a much easier relationship.

So, my strange feeling is a butterfly stomach, but not really - nervous, some would say anxious, but I am not anxious.  I usually get this when a change is coming.  Could be good or bad. I bet if I had a pet, they would be acting crazy too.

I did find out today that we more than likely will not be able to be in the loft by September, which I was really hoping for the starting back of homeschool.

Lots of waiting around right now, so I am being tested on my patience.  I want to start sewing so badly it is hurting right now.  All in due time though - all in due time.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Let's talk sheds

When we first started this journey a little over 6 months ago, we thought long and hard about how we were going to store our things during the building process.

Obviously, we would A. have to build a storage shed or B. rent a storage shed.

Upon looking at our HOA by-laws, we could not build a secondary building before a primary building on our land.  Now, they could be built in tandem.  So, we decided to rent a climate controlled storage shed - 10' x 20' and also a non-climate controlled shed 10' x 10'.

I was leery everything would fit because we have been married 18 years and had four kids, and you tend to collect things over time. This was the largest we wanted to do though, so we set to work to get rid of things - mostly my office got the hit.  I lost my big desk system that I LOVED!  Plus my expedit shelves that housed all my customer's shirts usually.

When we moved out of the house, I was right, we were packed to the hilt.  Hardly any room at all.

However, we managed to squeeze some house things in - like the speaker system, the ice maker, and the dresser we bought for our room (such a great deal).  Now, literally there is absolutely NO room.  Things fall when we open the doors.

OK, here is where it gets frustrating.  Our plan was to build our 30' x 40' shed at the same time the house was being built!  We started it at the same time!

So, the concrete guy did not get to us until about 3 weeks after we closed on the loan.  We had our pad guy lay the dirt pad at the same time our house pad was done.  Fine - going good.  Then the pad sat there for over a week.  Our house concrete is getting poured one Wednesday morning (June 14) and our builder says he can get more concrete and do the shed pad.  But I said no, because we had already paid for that part through the shed company.

Anyway, the concrete guy for the shed said he would be there the next week - no big deal.  Well, that week came and went - no call.  I gave him a few more days, then called.  He told me to call the office.  So I call the Shed Place and they said they were out a concrete guy, he just quit.  OK, not my problem.  When can you get another guy out.  They said they were looking for someone.

A couple of weeks go by and I am frustrated.  Since this is the good ole boy system, I have DH call them.  They said they found a new guy but he can't start for a couple of weeks.   We are on the list and they will let us know.  I about blew a gasket!

So, this is the start of the second week.  If they cannot get to us by mid-August, then we will be forced to cancel the contract and have our builder construct a shed for us.  Reason being is our driveway will be paved soon and a concrete truck will break it up - we are literally have our hands tied!

PLUS, we expected that this shed would be done by now and we could move our things to our property by this time, especially since I need to start purchasing the inside things we need like blinds, lights, sinks, etc.  (oh, if you are wondering why the builder is not purchasing those things, it is because we are building extremely custom, so we are given an allowance and we can go and find what we want.)

SOOOOOO, last night, we found this gorgeous roll top desk for sale on one of the facebook groups we are in.  It is perfect for our daughter and only $40.  We jumped on it.  Then, you remember how upset I became after we sold that big, beautiful desk I loved so much - especially after the house walls went up and we would have room for it after all.  Well, the people that bought it from us are selling it and letting us take it back for the same price we sold it!  I GET MY DESK BACK!!!

This means we have to get another storage shed - sigh.  BUT, it also means I can start ordering my sinks and lighting which I have been itching to do.  I hate waiting until the last minute!  Plus, one of my lights I am getting off Amazon is low in inventory.

None of this would be a problem if the Shed Place could get off their asses.  They would not get temporary concrete workers, they had to wait until they found someone permanent - which to me is cutting off your nose to spite your face.  He complained to my DH that they had lost a lot of money with this because customers pulled out of their contracts.  Honestly, the Shed Place did not have to - they could have been looking for a permanent person while using temporary workers.  Yes, the temps cost more, but they would not have lost business which will hurt long term.  I swear - some businesses have no clue.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Week 26 Update

6 months, 1/2 a year.  WOW!  Had I known what we were in for would I still do it?  Yes, I would.  It is a very tough process - this whole living in an RV and building an extremely custom home, but I still believe the outcome will be worth it.

6 months.  I have been told that we are moving through this very fast, that with most people, it takes a lot longer.  Honestly, I am not sure how they do it, but they are probably not living in a RV with teenagers.  Their lives probably did not change too much in the process.

I cannot get pictures until this weekend.  Funny, the really neat things tend not to happen until Friday, plus people are working there from early morning to almost dark, so it is difficult to get pictures until the weekend when everyone is gone.

Our New Home - This week the water well was put in.  They cut down some trees which upset us as they offered a lot of shade to the house and truly, it was not necessary.  But, we have water now, so that is a wonderful thing.

The electrical work that goes in the walls was finished and the drywall (sheetrock) started going up on Thursday. 

The barnwood beams were put in and look amazing - I cannot wait to see them with the drywall!

We decided on the grout color for the brick and the mason put up a little snippet of a wall for us to look at - we are thrilled!  It is better than we imagined!  It goes with our stone so well and is amazing.  The mason should be putting up the stone and brick starting next week.

We went and picked out cabinets (finally - it is very late - builder's issue).  I think I am going to change the door style though.  We went in with a very specific design in mind and I don't know how she did it, but she talked us both into something more ornate that I do not think we will like after all.  Still, the main layout has been decided and we can move forward.  About 3 weeks until cabinets are installed.

RV Living - We are just getting by.  Even my husband has now lost his verve now.  So, we agreed, this is a "just get through" time.  It is what it is - saves us a ton of money and allows us to be close to the build.  It is less than 2 months now, so we are sticking it out.  Because, my daughter starts a camp next week that goes for 2 weeks.  Then they are off to my sister's.  DH is off that week and we will be painting and putting in flooring for the loft at that time.

When the kids get back, we probably have to go to Mississippi to help clean out my grandmother's house.  Then College Boy goes back to school, we start homeschooling - in the loft, so we are at the house.  This point is September and just a few weeks from moving in, so it will be fine, we have enough to keep us occupied. 

PLUS, DH's step-father may pass away.  He is in hospice and on DNR.  It is literally just a matter of time. 

Homeschooling - I honestly thought I would not have anything to write, but we are only a month away from getting started again.

We joined this new homeschool group that seems like a good fit, but they need to get the teen thing going - so guess who is spearheading it.  Yep - me.  Since we are not in a house yet, I am just setting things up, but I will be sponsoring a Teen-Led Newspaper/Newsletter.  So far, there are about 7 teens interested, so a good response! We will have journalistic reporting, editorials, features, photography, art, and a fictional story or poetry.  I would like them to do reviews, interviews and anything they can think of.  I really believe I will have to hand feed them at first until their confidence is built, then they can take over. 

In homeschool, some kids tend to "take over" quickly, so I have to be aware from the get go.  They all need a chance to experience several aspects of this - every one needs to interview at some point - even the artists and photographers.

I am also going to have a speech day once a quarter where kids can practice giving speeches.

Socially, I am on the committee for a teen dance this fall and once I get to know everyone, I will press for more social events.

My Business - Yes, I am still going with that one as well.  I have a waiting list of 20 quilts now and a large order of police key fobs. 

I also ordered 30 sweatshirt material lap blankets that I can embroider on for the Christmas season.  There is a Fall Market I would like to attend, but we will see if I have enough time to make things.

So, as you can see, things are starting to ramp up again - soon I will be back to the crazy busy life!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tired Wednesday

I did get through MOST of the list yesterday - just wiping the ceiling and updating my calendar fell by the wayside.  Those are not killer ones either.

This morning, I was up very early, before my husband's alarm, and decided to stay up since I was meeting a friend for breakfast.  It was an hour drive to see her - yeah, it bothers me sometimes that she does not make the effort, but the last time I saw her was about 2 years ago and we have a good time.

After I left, I went to the house because I was excited to see some sheetrock, but alas, no one was working on it.  The only thing I THINK happened was the well work.  They hit water - that much was obvious with all the puddles everywhere and the slush pit was full as well.  Once the well is in, the brick can go up!

So, tomorrow is the start of the sheetrock.  Then my builder texted me and said that we are going to meet the cabinet people tomorrow.  Finally!  After stopping at the land, I made my way to the flooring place to get a sample board in order to pick out the cabinet colors.

As I was doing all the driving, I got the absolute worse headache.  It is still there, but not as bad now.  By the time I got back to the RV, it was all I could do to get into bed and fall asleep.  My allergies are going haywire - neti pot for me tonight!

I am still leaning heavily to one side and yawning constantly.  Yes, I am drinking lots of water.

OH, that reminds me.  I broke down and bought a Yeti tumbler.  All my days spent at the house, my water was always getting warm in my other tumbler.  It sucked.  So, I broke down and bought a Yeti.  My life has changed.  This is the most amazing tumbler in the whole world; I am not sure how I lived life before this cup!  I have cold, refreshing water 24/7 now.  The $25 I spent was so worth it - I drink out of this cup exclusively now and the amount that I use, it will blow those double insulated cups we used to use and replace 3x a year away. 

There you go, my blow money this week went to this cup - well, worth it for me.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Let's get it together

I am so unmotivated in this RV - it is killing me!  Everyday I tell myself, let's just get it going on be the person you know you are.

Then, every morning, if I don't have to go to the house, I sit in my chair, drink coffee and scroll on Facebook.  It sucks!

Really though, it is not unusual that we don't go outside much this time of year.  With the temps in the 100's daily and the humidity so thick you can't breath, it just doesn't make sense to leave.  Add to that, we are living in about 100 sq ft of living space and living in a new new area, well, it just doesn't breed energy and motivation.

Today, however, I am determined to get something done.  I have a meeting for a teen dance today and since we are meeting a library, the kids are coming with me.  I have given them the eclipse assignment, so this will be a great time for them to check out some periodicals.  My son is doing the scientific aspects of solar eclipses and my daughter is getting the history and lore portion.

Then I need a list to keep motivated!

1. Schedule the ortho appt.
2. Reschedule chiro appt.
3. Pay for beef deposit (our side we normally get every year and half)
4. Marinate chicken for dinner
5. Research or outline a basic plan for teen led newsletter
6. Send note to Father-in-law about all clear cancer result!!
7. Have kids make a "love" card for dying step-grand father.
8. Sweep RV
9.  Wipe ceilings
10.  Call my sister
11.  Follow up on customer question
12. Update schedule on bank deadlines, utility installs, etc.

If I get that done today - I will sleep better tonight - it is not too much - most take just a few minutes - it is just a matter of doing it!

Wish me luck!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Manic Monday

I had to get up early today - which killed me almost.  Plus, it is a long day where Darrell is working late, so I am on duty for dinner after spending almost the whole day outside in what is supposed to be the hottest day this summer.  The heat has exhausted me.  I am taking a quick break for lunch before heading back up there.

I oversaw the guys installing my beams!  FINALLY!  Felt like it took them a long time, but really, it has only been one week.

 I was very worried a couple of times as they balanced on 2x4 pieces of wood they quickly put together.  But they are in and look great.  There is a little more reinforcing to do - by running cables, but they are almost done. 

They will look even better when the sheetrock goes in - which may be as early as Wednesday.

Overall a low key weekend - grocery shopping, cleaning, chilling out - listening to the rain.  Nothing too major. 

I hope you all are having a great Monday!  I think I am just too tired to say much of anything.  Bye for now!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Week 25 Update - missed 24

So much going on that it is really getting difficult to keep up with on here, but you get the highlights.  The minutia is boring really.  Although when it is your home - it is always something important!

Land Home - We are moving right along.  The BIG NEWS of course is that the builder told us we are about 2 months from being done.   Which, honestly, throws my mind into overdrive and the nights have been showing it by my lack of sleep.

All electrical work is in - including outlets, fan boxes, light boxes, cable boxes, phone jacks, switch boxes, alarm boxes, speaker boxes and all the wiring that goes with it.  All in wall and floor plumbing is in as well.  When I visited this afternoon, they were blowing in the insulation in the outer walls.  It really makes it feel more homey even though you can see the insulation.  I did not take a picture because they were working and stuff was flying everywhere.

PLUS, I made them mad because I asked them to get off my beams.  They are in plastic, but it did not deter them.  Sigh.  I just really pray that they don't damage them. I cannot keep them off.  They got off when I said something, but I know they were mad.  I have a feeling this is how it is going to go from now on.  I sure wish I had that shed.

Speaking of which.  The Shed.  Another problem.  So, their concrete guy quit on them. I get it.  However, I could have had the pad done back when the house was being poured.  Anyway, they have found a guy now, but he has to finish up his house concrete work, then he is going to work for our shed people permanently.  We are not at the very top of the list, but close to it.  Maybe two weeks before they get out to us.  Thing is, the appraisal is based on this being done AND after our driveway is poured, there is no way to get back there with a big concrete truck - the driveway will not be able to handle it.  (I refuse to put in 2 entrances)

Now I have to start working with the crappy bank that we are going to leave as soon as this construction loan is converted.  We have to start locking down rates, etc. 

Also, the to do list just long and very undistinguished.  Cable - possible we can get business cable - we just have to get a box installed.  Sometimes the wait is long, so we are starting now.  Propane tank install and contract.  The well is going in next week.

RV Living:  Upon hearing of the great exodus, it almost made living here just a bit harder.  We are longing for things even worse now, but this is where the perseverance will really pay off.   We are holding the course and keeping strong.  It is hot, hotter than hot. 

I have gained so much weight while here, probably from a little depression, but also just from not moving.  It really is too hot to breath outside - this is where I usually just did yoga, but I have no room on the RV.  We are also eating out more because cooking is difficult and makes the RV even hotter. 

We are just ready to be living in a home.  

Homeschooling:  Well, although we stopped a general curriculum, we have joined a group and did the field trip today.  I ordered some solar glasses so we could see the solar eclipse in August - it will only be around 75% here, but still fascinating to look at.  I am having them create reports on solar eclipses - one scientific and one historical and lore.

It is almost time for me to start planning out homeschool for the year!  We start in earnest after we get back from taking College Boy back to school.

I will have pictures this weekend when noone is there.  I hope you have a great weekend yourself!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fried Green Tomatoes and Neurology Tour

It has been a slow day.   I was able to sleep in a bit - after an especially rough night of trying to sleep.  That is 4 nights in a row for me - I need sleep really badly.

Anyway, nothing really happened until around lunch.  I was able to meet with the builder and talk about doors and lights.  Nothing earth shattering, I was just concerned about the lighting in the master bathroom and the 2 - 1/2 lite doors in the laundry room and our bathroom.

It was wonderful that I got to meet with him because he told me that we are just about 2 months out from being done!  WOW!!!  That lit a fire under me again.  Counting down the days!

When I got back, the internet was down, so the kids could not watch their history show and that meant I could not "work". 

What do I decide to do?  Watch Fried Green Tomatoes.  I cry every single time I watch it, but I love it.  My daughter said that it was so southern and it made me feel a little bad that she does not know her roots very much.  Not that I love everything about the south, but there are some things that are just wonderful - warm tomatoes, getting so hot and jumping in the lake, iced watermelon, sticky tar, the smell of summer in the warm, moist evening, chasing bats at dusk...

This movie in a particular reminds me of all that - the good stuff.

We also prepared for our field trip tomorrow - an encouragement tour at a Neurological Hospital, making encouragement cards and talking about some of the people we will meet, how to behave, etc. Since we fall under the older student crowd (yeah!), we get a more in-depth talk about neurological issues and accidents that cause many.  Good stuff - always means more coming from another source than parents when they are teens.

Because ALL my crafting items are in storage, we had to get pre-cut cards and tags, then used stickers to decorate and a paint pen to write a encouraging quote.  It will have to do.  Otherwise, I probably would have sewn something.  Like the Christmas card I did a couple of years ago.

Anyway, I need to figure out what we are going to have for dinner and get ready to back to the house to approve all the electrical work and take pictures.  We are getting insulation tomorrow! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Finishing Type Items

OK, this is where I think frustration will rein with me.

So, we are starting to get some finishing type items in - what I mean by that is the things that you actually will see or touch when the house is done.

The first thing to come in is the beams that will go in the living room and the mantle.

Here is where the problem lies.  The company we bought them from power washes them and then fumigates them.  Yesterday when they were delivered, it was pouring down rain in the city.  Sunny where we were, but the beams got wet.  Not a problem - water isn't killer, they just need to dry and not sit in water.

Background on these beams - they are over close to 100 years old and are from a couple of Mennonite Farms in Wisconsin.  They are not sealed, so are very susceptible to staining.  But they are gorgeous!  A little over 16' long and 8" wide and 7" tall weighing in at over 250 lb each.

Beams that are going in the living room ceiling tray.

This one is the mantle above the fireplace.

When we went to the house last evening to check - we do every evening (I am there during the day also- yesterday I was there for 5 hours).  The workers had a BLUE GATORADE sitting on one of my beams!  OH MY GOODNESS - I freaked out.  A stain like that would ruin them.

Then today, they had a blower leaning against my mantle.

We cannot wrap them in plastic because they need to dry, but the workers have absolutely no regard for the delicate nature of them.

They are too heavy to move and should be put up sometime this week.  Lord help me if anyone stains my mantle.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Whirlwind again - talk about Chaos

OK, even the builder is wondering how I am keeping it all together.

We just found out that DH's step father is in the hospital and not expected to make it tonight.  DH's mother told us not to come, but she would get with us in a couple of days about arrangements.  I think (not sure) that they are unplugging him today or something - how could you be so sure!!?!!  I don't know the ends and outs of all this at all, but I do know if it going like she says, we will have another funeral within a week.

This time the builder freaked a bit.  I was the one reassuring him that I will be available and stay on target with decisions.  There is a lot going on with electricians, carpenters, the brick and stone guys, and decisions about casings and baseboards, outlets and the amount of electricity running to each.  We are decided on glass for the master shower - kind of a big deal, interior door styles, and the cabinets.  The cabinets are HUGE!  The building industry is so busy right now here and my style of cabinets is not cookie cutter, so we are having a bit of trouble finding a local company that can make them in the time frame we need.

However, I am not stressed about it right now.  We have family things going on and so if we have to wait a week or two, so be it.

College Boy is on his way over to talk for a bit, but I have to head out to the land to oversee the delivery of our beams and mantle.  I need to shower, but I am waiting until after this because all I do is sweat and I would prefer to wash the sweat off when I am done going outside today.

So many other things, but all I can say is that I am SOOOOO glad we put off homeschool.  It would be a nightmare right now to keep it going.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Back at home

It was a long couple of days.  When I came home, it felt like I had been gone for weeks instead of a couple of days.  Hubs felt it too.  Very emotional, very intense, very loaded with drama as most family deaths are.

There was only a very short service at the graveside, no service at the chapel.  It even was not too hot - slightly overcast with a small breeze and then we sat under the tent.  The cemetery was an old one and had quite a few of my family members - including my grandfather.  I think we are going to go back.  My cousin told us of one young man - who would be another cousin of mine who was the youngest to be granted a commercial pilot's license at the time - which would be around 1948-50 in Mississippi.  He died in a plane crash carrying politicians who insisted he fly through a storm.  Just interesting!

I am dehydrated - it seems no one there drinks water!  I suck down 60 + oz a day usually.  The food was horrible - green beans with onion and bacon that tasted as though it was doused in syrup!  YUCK!

So, just glad to be home.

The main drama was the inheritance issue.   My Dad and I were given special things others did not get and it caused an uproar.  There is more inheritance to come as a trust was set up, but I do not know how much or when.  I just know I get 1/3 of 25% of what is in the trust.  What she gave me that caused a fit was her jewelry.  I did not get all of it - but I did get some choice pieces.  Which is really ironic because I don't much care for jewelry!  However, my mother-in-law suggested that I take the stones and put it in something that is more my style - I just may do that.

Anyway, we have go back sometime in August and start cleaning out her house.  I am in charge of digitizing some pictures and recipes to distribute to the family members that want them.  I  will probably take care of anything computer oriented.  Lot of furniture to disperse and papers to go through.  We are giving each family member whatever has their picture or name on it.  Since I am more detailed oriented - my job is the office.  Hey, at least I get to stay in air conditioning.

Well, not too much happened at the house while I was gone and I am not caught up yet, so no update until Sunday probably. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Packing to Go

I am leaving tonight, but only a late flight was available.  It is a small city and not many flights go there, so I am at the mercy of the airlines.  I will be getting to my hotel at around midnight - suck!

I have to get up and going as family is getting to the funeral home early, then visitation starts mid morning.  There is no service at the chapel, only a grave side service - so nice and hot - 90+ degree with lots of humidity and me on the second day of my period.  That is absolutely fabulous!  May God help me.

We decided not to do flowers, but contribute to the continued care of her and my grandfather's grave sites. 

Kind of sitting around waiting for this to be over honestly.  Family drama is very draining and it has already started.  Not long now Papa Smurf.

However, things at the house are moving right along.  I am very anxious about leaving because so much is happening and I have been the one to make all the decisions.  Plus, I typically go 2-3 times a day - it is an obsession right now, but you almost have to be when you are building totally custom like this.

I have pix on my phone, but I won't take them off until later - sorry!

We have stairs to the loft now!  YEAH!  Also the egress window was delivered, so that will hopefully will be installed by the time I get back.  They were framing out the access pull-down stairs for the utilities when I left.  HVAC was there and getting ready to install the duct work and air conditioner.  The electrician will probably get there tomorrow or Thursday

It is little things now, but when you wrap your head around it - it is amazing how this fits together and feeds into it.  Insulation and sheetrock starts sometime next week!  WOO-HOO!

Take care, I will catch up with you all when I get back.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Funeral and Updates

When we picked up the kids from my sisters, they were sick, so I have decided to go to the funeral by myself.  It is not a big deal, when you have kids and the funeral is far away, one person represents the family.

My Dad will be there and I have not seen him in a while, so that will be good - he is getting older too, so seeing him will be a priority.  He lives far away as well.  It is tough, because none of our parents live close and to visit each once a year would be 3 separate trips.  Still having kids at home, running a business and homeschooling makes it tough for 3 trips.  These are not weekend distances either.

This is why I was hoping our new house would be better for them to come see us - there is more room and more interesting things to do - projects, etc.  So maybe we visit one and the other 2 come to us and we rotate.  I don't know - they won't be able to travel soon enough, but by then we will not have kids living at home or even if they are, they won't need us.

Anyway, while I am visiting my grandmother's house, there are a couple of things I want to do. 

1. On the suggestion of cooking something of hers, I am going to write down some recipes - I highly doubt I will get the originals, but I can write some down.

2. I am going to ask my cousin who is the executor of her will, if I can take some of her clothes to make her (my cousin) a lap quilt, and other family members pillows or bears.  I am not sure how this will go, so I will feel it out first.  It might be just planting an idea and then looking at it later.

3. In the south, people do not talk about their wills - drives me up the wall!  I don't want any money and or anything major, I just want a little something I can remember them by.  When my grandfather died, 13 years ago, I did not get anything to remember him and I understand that - she was still living and she loved him, so I get it.  But now that they are both gone, I really want something - doesn't matter how small or insignificant.  I am weird like that.  If she asks though, what I really want is a bird clock.  It is round like a regular clock, but every hour, it chirps or sings like the bird that is pictured for that hour.  That would be the most amazing thing to have!

Moving on,  we joined a secular group for socialization - I am in over my head.  They are extremely active, but maybe it will get us moving a bit.  I have to host events, help with events, etc.  I need to do this.  I am just overwhelmed today.

So, I am leaving tomorrow - after the meeting with the cabinet maker.  I am still moving forward with the house.  It needs to keep going with or without me.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

My grandmother is gone

My last remaining grandparent died today.  I did not get to speak with her or see her, but it happened very quickly.

It is a sad generational passing.

Sorry if I am not around for a while but then again, this is my free expression place, so it might be where I am.

Thank you all for being here.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Week 23 Update

I know it seems like I am always updating, but there is a lot happening right now with the house and life, and just everything.  We both commented that we are excited when we can take a weekend and just be at home.

Land Home - Whew - so much it is hard to list.  All the framing except for the stairs, hearth and the access ladder to the utilities is done.  The roof is actually going on!  The windows came in today!

We have an appointment to meet the cabinet maker on Tuesday.  We are ordering the reclaimed barnwood beams on Saturday, finalized our granite choices (which I felt I needed to do before I picked the cabinet color), picked the baseboards, solidified decisions on 1/2 a dozen more things - lighting, fans, crown moulding, doors, etc.

I think most of the changes that need to be made are done.  It is just a matter of picking out the last few things and then letting them get built and put together.

RV Living - Well, this week was a little easier with the kids being at my sisters'.  We really did not do anything major - it was a lot of decision making about the house.  We mostly slept.

I was dragged into family drama that threw me for a loop.  It was to close to how my mother treated me and this is from an extended not even really family person that does not know me - she just thinks she does.  It made me cry though - I am so sensitive to that kind of crap and crap is what it is. 

My grandmother is not doing great.  I was finally updated.  She coded at the hospital.  She recovered though and is now at home in hospice.  She had a heart attack that left her with only 25%.  She cannot move hardly, cannot hardly talk, is on heavy medication and high amounts of oxygen.  She has melanoma and is in A-fib.  Her pain is tremendous because she has shingles.  Her body is just shutting down.  A bath wore her out so much that the Hospice nurse said every other day or maybe even every two days. 

It is sad really, you never want to see people in pain.

Homeschool - I gave up.  With my grandmother dying and the camp we put Laney in, there is only 2 here and then 4 weeks off due to camp and staying with my sister again, that both Darrell and I decided to put it off until Labor Day.  That is when the busy time of the house will be and all decisions have to be made.  Come September, it will just be finalizing, detailing, getting the paperwork in order, blah, blah, blah. 

I found another homeschool group that hopefully, will let us join.  They vet everyone, which is fine with me.  They had a run of people that did not really homeschool, but just wanted to advertise.  It happens.  They require religious freedom and no faith statements (you have no idea how difficult that is to find here).  Which is probably another reason they take their time admitting.  I had to answer very simple questions and then we have to go to a park day and meet everyone.  That is for both sides.  If we do not like them, we don't have to join, but they also get to see if we will fit in.

Now though, giving the gaslighting that happened, I feel the need for a glass of wine.

I hope you have a great weekend - we are off to pick up the kiddos.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Electric Walkthrough and pictures

This morning, I got up early to do a walk-through with the builder for the electrical work - outlets, lights, fans, etc.

It was interesting.  Code now states that there MUST be an outlet on every wall - and I mean every single wall no matter how small or useless seeming.   The reason being is that cords will not be strung across walk ways. Whatever.  But no codes on the number of lights thank goodness.

I added an outlet to the mantle so I can put lights on it for Christmas for sure, but maybe other times.  I also added an outlet to our master bedroom closet since we are putting in a dressing area.  We may want to charge our phones there or something.  That was all I added.

Now, for placement, I changed the outlets in the backsplash to be low and horizontal.  So in general the appliances will cover them.  I also moved one outlet outside for the fountain. 

We talked about door swings and we ran into a problem with the laundry room door.  In order to get in or out of the coat closet, you would have to go into the laundry room and shut the door.  If it swung the other way, then you would have to go completely in and shut the door to get into the freezer.  We ultimately decided that the door would have to swing into the hall way, but if someone came in from outside (there is an exit door through the laundry room), they might hit someone walking.  Nevertheless, the swing into the hallway was the best choice.  I am going to put a single french door so you can see through it before opening. I don't mind it being open to the laundry - we do not pile laundry up in there anyway.  I may frost the windows to give them an opaque look, but since there will be french doors at the entrance, I felt this was the best choice.

I promised pictures of some rooms of the house - here you go!

Garage - The box for the stairs platform going up to the loft

Loft Door Framing

Patio from the "front" door - not the french doors.

Patio from the garage door

French door entrance to the house and my office

Foyer and entrance to the rest of the home.

Living room with tray ceiling and corner fireplace, built in shelves

Looking into kitchen from living room.

Storage room looking up to our tankless water heater

Master Bathroom

Another bathroom looking from a secondary bedroom

Side door that goes into the laundry room

They finally cleaned up!

I know it looks so large - it is a narrow and long house though.  The living area is only 2,247 sq ft.  Yes, large still, really, but it looks larger than it actually is.  The patio, however, is 821 sq. ft just by itself!

Next step is starting to work on the roof, getting the HVAC and the electrical work done, then the low voltage work.  In the meantime, we will pick cabinets and I am looking into ceiling fans and lighting.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday, Wednesday

I am luxuriously tired today.  Slow - which is very welcome.  Darrell works late, so I have a long day alone.  I need to do some laundry, clean up a bit, sweep, and take care of some paperwork, oh, and go shopping for dinner.

All I want to do is browse Pinterest and Houzz, finish reading the romance novel I am almost done with, and watch the entire Twilight saga. 

I may find a happy medium there - LOL.

We did not celebrate the 4th of July.  It was over 100F, and we were not in the mind set of it - maybe next year when we are living in the house.  We did some furniture shopping at a large furniture chain clearance center.  I found a tall sort of like dresser - it has drawers, but also a cabinet - not quite an armoire, but in-between.  It is wide and reaches about my shoulder (I am 5'6").  Anyway - it is solid mesquite and slightly distressed and was perfect for our bedroom.  We got it for $340.   We felt we got a great deal on an excellent piece of furniture that will last quite a while.  No picture yet - it is wrapped in plastic wrap and in my storage shed.

We also started looking at outdoor furniture so we can jump on the end of season sales.

Then, we sat down with college boy and went over how much he needed to save in order to get through the next school year.  I am really proud of him - he had already ran the numbers and had a plan.  We ate at a Cuban Restaurant, then went back to the RV, watch Sunshine Cleaning and then went to bed.

As for our money talk, we discussed bills, the building, saving - everything, then said again, there is nothing much we can do until we move into the house, it is all about piling up as much money as possible until we move into the house.

It is a bit frustrating, but the end will come in a 2-3 months.  Our builder sent me an email about setting up an appointment to choose cabinets!  WOO-HOO!  AND, Monday, he said we probably would be sheetrocking in 2-3 weeks, so by the end of July. 

Anyway - I better get going - only one cup of coffee so far!  Stay cool (if it is hot where you are!)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Manic Monday

Today is a busy one. 

It sort of started yesterday, but here we are today and it is the calm before the storm. 

Our framers have been working 10 hour days in this freaking heat of Houston where heat exhaustion sets in very quickly - only they are hanging around on the roof and getting the reflection from the bright wood.

When we saw the work they did on Saturday and then again on Sunday (not even a day of rest), we felt like we had to do something for them.  So, we are treating them with lunch today.  It is nothing major as I really do not have a way to cook for them and it has to stay good in the heat.  I ordered some slider sandwiches from our grocery stores (they are really good), and will put a bag of apples and oranges as well as some grapes on ice for a cooling treat.  Of course, I am getting them chips,but then also brownie bites for dessert.  Instead of soda, I was going to get lemonade and limeades.

We brought a work table to the property and set it up under some shade.  They made a checker board and used water bottle tops for the checker pieces.  They marked the board with the builder's pencil.  It is pretty ingenius.  I will try to snap a pic of it today.

As you can see, the soffits and fascia boards are up now, and they are starting the roof.  I am not sure what is next, but I meet with the builder this morning.

So, I have to leave in just a few to minutes to get the framers' lunch.  At the same time, I am meeting the builder on site.  Then I need to clean up the site just a bit - it has gotten out of hand.

Back to the RV for laundry and cleaning.  I have to lodge a complaint against the bank holding the construction loan (they are crap, and we be getting rid of them ASAP).  I need to prep some things to get mailed out including the gift we send to Darrell's mother monthly.

Bad news from yesterday that is keeping me on toes from now on for a while.  My last remaining grandparent - my Nana is going into hospice.  I was notified yesterday - she is currently in the hospital.  It was suggested that I wait until she is at home, then bring the whole family to say our respects, so we probably will go next week sometimes.  If she takes a turn for the worse, I have to leave immediately by myself.  They are keeping me posted, so I am on call.

Given that, I am trying to take care of things as soon as they happen and get some preemptive things taken care of.  It is in a precarious time with the build however, and Darrell cannot do it with his job.  So, I will talk to the builder today about that.

The kids are at my sisters.

When Darrell gets home, we are talking about money!  First time in quite a while.  Should be fun! 

OK, well, gotta get moving this morning.

I hope you all have a wonderful day - chins up, smile even if you don't want to - laugh lines are better then frowny ones.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

90% Dream Home

Lately, more and more I have been told, asked, berated, etc about building our "dream" home.

Dream home.  That phrase is actually on the verge of being offensive for me.  It denotes the kind of home that are longed for in a wild way - the most grandiose and flashy.  The most wanted of fixtures, floor plans, etc.

DIY Television show taut the "dream" home - and the ooo's and ahhh's commence. 

Unfortunately, I cannot wrap my head around a dream home.  The stuff of my dreams don't actually include a house.

Darrell thinks I am over-thinking it and people are happy/jealous that we are building a truly custom home.  I don't know - maybe.  I get the feeling that because we are building custom, I am not allowed to not like something or complain about it.

See, I compromised on a TON of things because of our budget.  The laundry room is small, our master bath is a nice size, but on the small side, all the bedrooms are on the small side for our area, the pantry in the kitchen is minuscule, but we have storage elsewhere so it will work.  I wanted cathedral ceiling, but settled with a tray. 

Yes, these are all above and beyond the normal living type things, I am not debating that.  This is just not a dream home.  It is a home designed for us to fit within a set budget.

Definitely not something dreams are made of, but it is the closest we will ever get to a house made for us. 

So, when people start talking about our "dream" home - I am going to call it the 90% dream home.