Monday, February 19, 2018

Mid-Month Numbers - without bonus

I decided to go ahead and put the numbers up even without the bonus - just so you could see what it looks like before the bonus.


401(k) loan for land
October 2017 Start - $42,627
Current -  $0

October 2017 Start - $30,400.81
Current - $0

October 2017 Start - $13,943.95
Current - $0

October 2017 Start - $17,279.17
Current -$0

October 2017 Start  - $32,855.22
Current - $24,304

October 2017 Start - $0
Current - $26,886.00

October 2017 Start - $21,753.52
Current -$20,333.58

October 2017 Start - $7,013.68
Current -$6,637.21

October 2017 Start - $332,480.00
Current - $329,047.54

Total Non-Mortgage
October 2017 Start - $165, 874.09
Current - $78,160.79

Total Debt
October 2017 Start - $498,354.09
Current - $407,208.26

At the end of January, our non-mortgage debt was at $82,492.54, so we paid down $4,331.75 in non-mortgage debt since 1/31/18.  The autos don't come out until the end of the month.  The mortgage is taken on the 1st, but I put it in the month prior (My weird way of thinking).

Just so there is no confusion - the business supports itself and always has.  We use no personal money for the business at all.  However, I do use some of the business money (as a salary) to pay for personal things - like the kids camps and such.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Spoke too soon

We actually did not get the bonus yesterday, so the numbers did not change all that much - I am not going to post them.

We will get the bonus, just not until the end of the month - I thought it came with this check, but no.  Goes to show how little we actually got them in the past!

Today is all about cleaning up - The house needs to be cleaned up a bit, my office is a wreck and I need to clean my machines, I have threads breaking all over the place.  It is all this work I am doing.

Well, I am off to face another cloudy day.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Keeping Busy

Really, I love chaos.  My blog title really says it.  Sometimes it is sweet, but mostly it is just what it is - Chaotic.

I am so all over the map it is not funny.  First, I am gazelle about getting out of debt, then not so much - but then I am again.  Geez Louise.

First, I want a business, then maybe I don't, then I really do and cannot live without it. 

Up and down and up and down.  I feel like a freaking roller coaster. 

Anyway, we are still working on our normal.

Homeschool:  We are actually doing so good with this.  We are not sitting down daily as a group, but we manage 3 out of 5 days usually and that is OK. I am grading every day, which is helping them stay on top of things. 

However, I don't want to homeschool anymore.  I think it is a season.  DH wants me to, the kids want to be, but it is very stressful and very time consuming (to do it correctly).   The public schools here are not an option - very low income and very bad rating.  Private schools so far have not worked out plus they are so expensive!

We are going to keep homeschooling this semester and think about it.  The local community college may be the route we go.  I am looking into that.

Business:  I have decided to do a craft show coming up in 2 weeks - YIKES!  I am working like crazy to keep the current orders going and make enough for the show.  I gotta tell you, it is not easy.  My reason for doing this is to make contacts - not so much to sell really (though it would be nice), but to meet people who know people.  For example,  a lady is the mother (or sister or THE person) who is on the booster club for the band/drill team/cheer/football/soccer/basketball/baseball/dance team/gynastics team/etc and they need a different kind of fundraiser or they get lots of Tshirts or they are having a competition and were looking for someone that does what I do (yes, that happens).  

The ultimate event for me is a competition where parents from multiple schools attend and they have to stay there all day.  I have a captive audience.  If I do ONE of those, then I won't have to do any others.  Getting those though, are difficult at best - it is all who you know.  It is how my business took off where I lived before. 

So, my demographic is grandmothers and mothers with school aged children that have some disposable income.  I work with very few men - in fact NONE have ordered a quilt, only the women have.  The men just come for the pick-up.

Here is my latest creation!  The patterns came from Dolls and Daydreams.  Tooth Goblins and Tooth Fairies.  They are just too cute!

Finances:  OK, I am a little gazelle intense right now because we made a bigger shovel.  For years now, we have been using the zero based budgeting method and ultimately, we still are.  Before, we looked at everything that could possibly come up - car repair, clothing, summer, etc, etc and saved a little every month for them.  It is a VERY good way to do it - especially if you know you will be in debt for a long time. 

However, the oil industry is turning around - slowly, but it is.  Our bonuses are back.  I have no idea if they will stay, if they will be this high or if this is the last - that is the awful part of the oil industry.  However, when things are going good - it is usually very, very good.  We have decided to stop paying to all those little mini savings accounts in order to once and for all get rid of this debt.  We pay the mortgage, all our bills, and groceries, gas, etc.  Everything that is left goes immediately to debt. 

If, and that is a BIG if, bonuses stick around this year at about the same level we just got, then we will be out of non-mortgage debt this year.  That just kicked things up for me.  How much can we pay down this month?  I can go without a hair cut/clothes/etc/etc.

The thought simply stuns me!  We have NEVER been out of debt before - never!

I wish I could give you numbers today, but we just got paid today, so DH and I have to discuss tonight.  I will do my best to get them put up tomorrow.  It is exciting stuff!