Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happenings over here...

Really, it has been slow - we have been iced in for a couple of days, so we just did little things around the house.

DH got lots of paperworky things done that had to be called - I cannot hear well on the phone, so those things fall to him.  Like, cancelling the RV insurance and getting a lower rate, changing the email with the HOA, paying HOA, filing homestead exemption, making sure our properties taxes were paid by the craptastic mortgage company we currently have, etc, etc.

We did lose water to a semi-frozen pipe at the well.  It only 1/2 froze, but the pump has a shut off valve so it stopped pumping.  We had to call our builder to get the name of the people who installed the well, but he talked DH through getting it started again. 

(I just took a break to eat breakfast with the kids and the water went out again, but DH is not here! AGH!)

This no water thing is a BIG time bummer because we are having our dishwasher worked on today and I am not sure they can do it without water - I hope so.  But dirty dishes - no hand washing, 3 people all day with going to the bathroom - this should be fun.

Anyway,  I am about 1/2 way done with the quilt for my cousin.  It is turning out pretty good - not my best work, but the best I can do.  I should have gone with another design, I was over ambitious with the sashing.

My daughter has shown interest in journaling which gives us a little something to bond over.  I am showing her how to use photoshop and work with paper to show personality and how to layout.  She took a yearbook class, so she has some idea about it.  I am amazed though - I never connected with my parents as a teen, so I am thrilled my daughter and I have that kind of relationship (at least today).

Our propane tank is low - it has been a cold-to-us winter and we have actually had to run the heater!  Plus I think everyone is lingering in the shower a bit to get warm. Even with the heater, which I keep on minimally to avoid static electricity, those fingers can get cold really quickly!

On the homeschool front, we are on track for our first real week back!  Going good.  It helps when we get to stay home!

OK, all I can think about is the water.  Sigh.  When the electricity or water goes out - I just cannot concentrate on anything else!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Snow Day!

Yes it is snowing here - lots of ice accumulation and some snow accumulation.

We had to cancel the ortho and chiropractor appointments and reschedule because of the ice.  We live 45 minutes away and have to cross several bridges to get there, so we stayed home.  I still required home school, but it was tough because Dad is here (not MY problem!) LOL.

We took a break to watch the snow though - it is a rare thing here in Houston, though I think we will probably get a little more where we are now.  It seems we are 5 - 10 degrees cooler than Houston on a typical basis.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday, Monday

Well, I got a new computer over the weekend - mine went up to the tech heaven.  I did not do a lap top again though - we opted for a desktop.  I needed more graphic power and storage for all my embroidery designs and the photo project I am about to embark upon.

The main issue is the internet in the country!  It is super slow.  It has taken me 2 1/2 days to update Windows (the new computer update), download Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Premier, Microsoft Office, Embird, itunes, and firefox.  Really that all should have taken about 8 hours max.  I am currently downloading the printer driver and I hope that finishes before dinner.

I still need to transfer some files from the backup - yes, I backed up!  Thank goodness!

Also, this morning, I went to get a tooth worked on.  I knew I was getting a crown and I was geared up for it.  Well, the doctor saw a small crack and some dark spots in the tooth behind it - the dark spots were on top of the filling, so he was just going to clean it up and put in a new filling.  As he was drilling on the back tooth, one of the cusps completely fell off.  The crack was way worse than he imagined, so I had to get prepped for another crown.  The only good new here is there was NO decay at all.  Amazingly. 

The problem - I am grinding at night.  So, I have to get a nightguard.  Oh joy.  I already wear 2 wrist guards at night and now with a mouthpiece, I will really look like a boxer - that is what DH calls me.

My jaw is still hurting from the procedure, so I am just doing soup for dinner tonight.  Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow.

Yeah, the driver finished downloading - back to work!