Thursday, September 21, 2017

Homeschool Fail

Homeschool is just my bane this year!  ARG!!  Everytime I try to start, we get derailed.  For example, we decided to get it going again and started on Monday.  I went over everything with them, had individual time.  Tuesday, I had to leave to talk to the builder - ended up being gone for 5 hours.  They did their work, but without any assistance.

Wednesday, deliveries were coming and needed signatures, so I had to spend the day at the house.  Good thing too, contractors were knocking at the RV door every 20 minutes.  The kids did their work again with no assistance.

Thursday, there were plans to stay home, but again, had to go to the house to talk to the builder, then I had to go searching for items for the house.  The kids said they did their work, but without my assistance, they did not finish.

Friday, I promised myself I was going to grade, but again, things came up at the house.  This house build is a full time job plus some.

So a full week of them working on their own, let me just say the amount they got done and the quality of their work diminished greatly.  It is different if I am home with them.  Plus, that was the week that we were moving things into the shed and moving the RV, so we were gone every evening - I did not grade anything.  It was awful.

We made the decision that we are calling it for the school year.  There are 15 lessons left of Math - 1 is going to repeat the work, but at a more mature level and the next is more than ready to move on.  History never really got started, so that will start over.  We never did start Science, so we have a fresh new year.  Writing/LA - they both completed 2 books, so we will just continue from where we left off.  Latin never got off the ground.  Logic either.

Basically, we are going to wait until we are in the house - we are looking at 4-5 weeks and then we will just work from there for 180 days.   It will be fine. 

There were so many things against us - some of the school items are in storage, no one felt like they had a spot to do their work.  None of us felt comfortable for that one on one time.  It has just been awful.  We really are creatures of habit.

When we get to the new house, I will have my office back where they can sit across from me and all my teacher's books will be there to grade immediately.  DS is getting his own table in the living room, whereas DD will use her desk in her room.  DS I have to keep an eye on more.  DD probably could educate herself, she just lacks motivation.

We did discuss how we wanted homeschool to look - where to put the books and supplies, scheduling, etc.  Something we are all excited about is morning coffee. 

Morning Coffee takes place after breakfast and is the start of the school day (DD and I drink Coffee, DS can have hot chocolate or whatever drink he wants.)  We will discuss history and literature, then go over any specifics I want from them.  They will break into their individual work where I will meet with each one when needed.  After lunch, we meet up again for science and logic - we might do that outside on the patio and probably only 2x per week.

Field trips start next week though - they have science classes at the Museum once day per month.  No other homeschool can be done on those days as the museum is over an hour away and is 4 classes.  It is a full day of school.

I am so excited to get started, but just in a way that it is the main focus, not an afterthought.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I decided to snap a few pictures today while I was checking on things and thought the tile looked good enough and had enough light to show you.  In the bathrooms, since there is no electricity yet, it is very dark and you would not be able to see much. 

Well, as you can see here, the outside of the house is ALMOST done - there is just that one little section by the front door.  The stone looks fabulous and we are very happy with the colors.  The builder asked if we wanted to acid wash the brick.  I have never heard of acid washing new brick - just molded and older brick.  We politely refused. 

I don't think I ever took a shot of the shed since it was completed.  The roll door is a dream!  The RV fits nicely with a lot of room to spare.

They got the stone on the island which looks so good.  I took a side view of it so you could see the drawers!  Drawers everywhere!  I LOVE IT - these will probably hold some crafty things for my nephew on the bottom, and odds and ends for drinks - since the drink and ice station is right across from here.

This is the saltillo tile.  We went with the hexagon shape for a classic design.  I wish there was a little more color variation as was their original style, but this is lovely as well.   I am still really in love with this tile.

Our signature stone fireplace - this one with an actual hearth for sitting.  It will be a gas (propane) fireplace because we do not need a traditional one for heat.  This puts out a little heat, but not too much.

We are in awe of the mantle - it is very old - about 120 years old and has the old pegs and iron nails.  I cannot wait until we can unwrap the beams on the ceiling!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Tile

There was tile drama and the day is all about the tile!

Last night, hubs and I went to the house to check out the tile that had been started.  This is my special Saltillo Tiles - Mexican clay tiles. 

It was after dark and there is no electricity in the house, so we only had the flashlight that was on our phones.  I was not happy - the grout lines were big in some areas and thin in others.  I hated it!

I texted the builder and told him I was upset with it, so he scheduled a meeting with me and the tiler for today. I was really dreading that meeting, I hate confronting someone about their work.  It is ALWAYS so personal.

So, we went to bed and I slept, but not well.  Dragged myself out of bed and showered.  Not looking forward to the day and I went out to get some coffee when I saw DH!  The wonderful man called in sick to go with me to tell this tiler we did not like his work!  He also said we needed some time together since he was gone all weekend.  Boy, did we!

When we got to the house, we went to our daughter's bathroom and looked at the tile in the day light.  It was not bad - the tile was irregular (which I love) and gave such warmth to the little room.

The tiler was working on our son's bathroom - which he finished while we were there and it looks fabulous!  It works so well with the tile in the shower as well - even the builder was impressed.

It is exciting to see the tile go in - unfortunately, you will not get to see pictures until the grout is in.  You would not be able to see the true beauty of it until the end - the color are still dull until they are cleaned and sealed.

This evening, we are just taking it easy watching Lord of the Rings and relaxing together.  It is wonderful and was very needed!