Monday, April 23, 2018

I am so sorry!

I am so sorry for being gone so long - it is not like me.  Between homeschool, getting our yard to a manageable level, my business and my kids in general, I have not had time to even go to the bathroom when I needed.

I think I had the flu because it kept me down for over 2 weeks.  I am only just now starting to feel myself again.

We have paid bills, but I have not looked at numbers.

My son's car blew up - literally - smoke and flames.  He is fine, but we had to get him a car - he is paying for it this time, just we are the bank.  Not ideal, but DH and I decided that with his mental issues, the fact that he can hold a job, pay his daily bills and rent, that is probably as good as it is going to get. It was a used car that had about 120,000 miles on it, but only 1 owner and it was in very good condition.  If we make sure the oil gets changed and the maintenance is done on it, it will last him about 4 years.  I am glad he is our first, that means we can help longer - I worry about what happens to him when we are gone.  He is very reliant on us emotionally.

I had a show with the business that a friend was at.  It was OK - not super great WOW!  But percentage wise with how many people showed up - I think I did pretty good - I made a little over $300 just from the key fobs, hand sanitizer holders and wallets.  About 10 people were interested in the quilts, so we will see.  It was worthwhile to get out there.

Homeschool is going good.  We are starting to finish up some things.  I want to finish the math book, so it will go through the summer.  History is almost done and when they finish their writing books, that is enough for this year. I will stop word study when I stop writing, then we will do logic at a unit study during one of the 4 week blocks that it is too hot to be outside and there is nothing going on.  I have signed them up for science and foreign language classes in the fall and girlie girl gets to take driving lessons in August! 

Here are a few pictures of what I have been up to.

Card Wallets

Lip Balm Holders

Women's Wallets pattern from Carla!


Project bag with zipper pocket divider inside (8 of these)

Quilt I had at the show

Another Quilt I finished

Trays that no one understands but are so cool!  These are to collect those little things - coins, rings, earrings and best part, you can unsnap them and they lay flat for travel!

Display at my booth - essential oil pouches, card wallets, women's wallets.

Cork Key fobs

Cork wristlets

Star of the show - I sold a ton of these!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Sick - like real sick

Hubs brought it home - I blame him.  My head is so stuffy - my face hurts.  I am doing the neti pot, sitting my a humidifier, and drinking lots of water.  I am so very tired, so this will be short.

I am sick.

We paid taxes.

We had to put it on a credit card.

I am sick to my stomach because of it.

We had no idea we would owe that much - almost $9,000.

However, it is because of no house last year, higher salary and no business deductions.

We are moving on though.

OK, I am about to pass out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trying my hand at designing

Carla over at Half Dozen Daily got me super hooked on her cork.  So, I am trying my hand at designing a few things.

You would laugh to know how I did this one!  It included chip board, a ruler, a ceramic coaster and pen.  LOL - whatever you have available huh?  The chipboard was for my template and the coaster was to get the curve.  It worked.

Not too bad!  This is a card wallet - I did not want to just say business cards because I found it is good for gift cards - they are thinner than regular debit/credit cards (though those fit as well) and I thought it would be a very unique gift card holder - for a gift!  Instead of buying paper that will just be thrown away, even the holder could be used.

My question for you all - what would you like in cork?  I was thinking about a bi-fold and tri-fold mens wallet in plain, chocolate and black cork - maybe even mixed, a women's small wallet, a passport wallet and a luggage tag.  Not to mention, I would make the hand sanitizer holders and maybe some key fobs out of it.

The only bummer thing is I cannot find an American supplier that has the variety Carla's supplier does.  So, I paid the exchange rate and international shipping.  I can only hope someone picks it up sooner than later.  Right now, here I can only get the cork-printed fabric - not the actual cork.

I am in completely love with this cork - so soft and easy to work with.  I am going to go crazy with it!